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Come and taste the difference in quality produce. To order our CSA Basket, eggs, or meat please contact Jim Giffen at (705) 790-5905 or click the button below.

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CSA Basket

Your basket will always have 6 standard fresh vegetables such as carrots, cooking onions, potatoes, carrots, apples (seasonal), tomatoes or green onions plus our homegrown lettuce and spinach.


You can also choose 5 additional items from a list of available fruits and vegetables, making a total of 11 items in your basket each week.


Unlike some CSA programs, every fruit and vegetable is hand-selected by us, and most of it is planted, grown and picked by us, here at our farm in Minesing.


We are the farmer!

Fresh Grown Produce At A Fair Price

Based on the Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) model, people purchase annual shares in the farm’s harvest and, in return, receive weekly food baskets full of fresh produce throughout the season. Consumer demand for locally produced, affordable fresh food has driven the evolution of CSAs. The weekly harvest is shared between all members, with variety and quantity varying with the time of year. Below you can see a list of some of the seasonal fruits and vegetables available at Edencrest Farms.


Eggs & Meat


$6.00 per dozen.

Looking for the freshest eggs around? Look no further than Edencrest Farms. Our eggs are gathered daily from happy, healthy hens and are available for only $6.00 per dozen.


4.25 per lb

Locally grown and raised chickens, are available throughout the year. Chickens are $4.25 per pound and sold whole and wrapped.
(prices subject to change).


Angus Beef

Starting at $7.50 per lb

 Pasture-raised Angus Beef, with no antibiotics or growth additives, are available throughout the year.  Sides are $7.50 per pound, cut to your specifications and wrapped. (prices subject to change). Individual beef cuts are also available.

Get Started

For information about joining the CSA Program or purchasing meat and eggs, please get in touch with Jim Giffen at (705) 790-5905 or click the button below.